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Business Development Assistant

Jeffersontown, KY

MagnaWave Inc's definition

In 2002, Pat Ziemer began introducing MagnaWave PEMF therapy to the horse community. He knew that life truly is what you make of it and he knew the wonderful, non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical method was needed. He wanted his business to foster an attitude and environment to succeed for everyone who joined this company.

We have since that time tried to create a place that was designed with this value in the forefront. A company where incredibly talented individuals are empowered to put their best work into helping people who are seeking health, wellness and prosperity. As MagnaWave continues to grow, we hope that our principles will serve each new person who joins the company. Although company policies are important; it is really your ideas, talents and energy that will keep MagnaWave shining in the years ahead. Thanks for being here; let’s make great things!

MagnaWave Inc's "why"

To have a company where incredibly talented individuals are empowered to put their best work into helping people who are seeking health, wellness and prosperity.

MagnaWave Inc's mission statement

Our quality policy is that the employees and management of MagnaWave are committed to consistently provide the highest quality products and services that will satisfy the demands and expectations of customers by continual improvement of the Quality Management System and conforming to all industry standards and prevailing codes of practice.

Core values include:
** Reliable - Produce the safest products in the marketplace and fulfill orders in a manner that is above expectations.

** Driven - Go above and beyond for our clients and each other.

** Innovative - We all take initiative to continuously improve ourselves, and our work.

** Adaptive - Have open communication to point out issues and concurrently offer solutions. If you see a problem, find the solution.

** Accessible - Make sure every customer has a personal experience.
Communication is free flowing; if you have a problem, go to the source. We check our egos at the door.

Jeffersontown, KY
Full Time
$40,000 – $50,000 / year


MagnaWave is much more than a product, we are a family! We are currently seeking a Business Development Assistant to join our growing team.

MagnaWave has been working with PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields) equipment for 15+ years. Based in Louisville, KY, United States, we are proudly family-owned and operated. Our organization has a reputation for outstanding leadership, innovation, and expertise. Plus, we believe in having a little fun along the way with various team-building events, lunches, team recognition, casual dress, flexible work arrangements, and special events.

Our goal is to hire the right talent in the right place; to develop leaders and shape our future talent pools to help us meet the needs of our customers world-wide. Join us and share your own ideas about how we can grow our business and provide an exceptional employee experience!


The role of the Business Development Assistant is to be an indispensable, integrated, and trusted assistant to the President. The role may be best described as someone who understands and shares the leader’s vision and helps make it a reality.  The goal of this role is to fortify the leaders, and by extension, the organization’s success through excellence, professionalism, diplomacy, and enthusiasm!  

This role works directly with the President to improve the state of the organization, identify growth potential, and impact of a hyper-growth company. The scope of work will include administrative, operational, and strategic responsibilities to create more time for the President. There are elements of the role that cross between operations, relationship management, special projects, and finance.

This person must quickly and accurately interpret the President’s communication style and preferences, organizational culture, and how to get work done.  This role is an ally, confidant, and efficient doer who will see this opportunity as a once-in-a-lifetime chance to grow, work hard, and have fun every single day! 

This job is for you, if you are looking to build a career not just have a job. Training will be provided. If you would like to start a business or run a business of your own one day, but do not know where to start, or if you are working a job and want to be more fulfilled and have more control of your future success, This is for you! Attitude and culture fit are the most important aspects of this position. High – paced teamwork environment working with the directors and owners to grow a fast-paced local wellness company.

Duties & Responsibilities

Duties & Responsibilities

* Owns and executes key initiatives that are priorities of the President.

* Works directly with the President and Business Owner.

* Liaison between the President, clients, vendors and other stakeholders.

* Anticipates needs to provide greater bandwidth for the President.

* Triages business needs and sets the President up for success with access to accurate and thorough information.

* Coordinates schedule including making appointments, setting reminders, and preparing meeting agendas and related materials for the President and Leadership team.

* Keeps the President accountable for commitments and deadlines.

* Ensures the success of prioritized business demands are successfully completed 

* Collaborates with various stakeholders to accomplish key business objectives

* Responsible for administrative duties such as calendar management, email communication, event coordination, travel arrangements, supplies, gifts, and tokens, etc. on an as needed or recurring basis.

* Participates actively in research, strategy, and planning for future initiatives.

* Identifies and prioritizes tasks based on ever-changing business needs and situations. 

* Maintains discretion and confidentiality of communications, documents, and conversations.

* Manages time with utmost efficiency and urgency.

* Exhibits world-class organizational skills to support the President and the business.

* Interacts with others in a calm and professional manner to ensure the business is properly represented at all times.

* Develops and/or reviews all written communication by the President, as requested.

* Projects professionalism as a representative of the President to internal and external parties.

* Offers sound advice and opinions in complex situations as requested.

* Initiates and administers projects assigned by the President, Business Owner and Leadership team.

* Performs effectively without direct supervision and executes on all given instructions.

* Creates presentations or materials from rough drafts or concepts, and requests feedback of the final draft before inclusion in any meeting or training packets.

* Willingly accepts new assignments from the team.


Minimum Knowledge and Skills Required

* No Degree Required (High School Graduate or equivalent)

* CRM or KEAP/Infusionsoft experience is a plus.

* Impeccable time management, organizational skills, interpersonal, and communication skills.

* Willing to travel if needed.

* Ability to work flexible hours, BUT we are a family and happiness focused company.

* Adept in Apple suite, WordPress, and other web-based platforms.

* Superb problem-solving, organizational, and multitasking skills.

* Self-starter

* Future-oriented

* Self-disciplined

* Strong organizer and planner

* Highly motivated, enthusiastic, creative, and independent.

* Ability to write reports, business correspondence, and standard operating procedures.

* Ability to effectively present information and respond to questions from various parties.

* Manufacturing management is a plus.